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Saturday 22nd September
This year's delegate weekend kicks off with Newcomers, an open door invitation to meet some of the industry's decision makers and get your voice and picture quite literally in the frame.

Panel sessions:
Newcomers on Screen
- Screening of work from new film-makers with feedback from an industry panel. We are pleased to welcome the following newcomers to the screen: Chris Finn, K. Akesh Tsakpo, Carl Callam, Rachel Wang, Beck Hall, Ian Hunter, Peter Goodwin, Movin As A Massive. There will be a second opportunity to see this programme at Mountford Hall on Tuesday.
The Three Minute Pitch - Back by popular demand, budding writers pitch their ideas to the panel and audience. With two pitches to previous years' panels now finished productions, this is far more than a game. Sponsored by Kodak.
Getting Into The Industry - So you have your script or proposal; where do you take it to get it on screen, and who has the money? This panel discusses the options and the steps to take.
Easy Film-making? - The digital alternatives in film-making and screening.

Panel Members include:
Alby James - Head of Northern Film & Television School, Leeds
Ilke Walker - Skillset training, the media industry training body
Hamish Kar - Senior executive, New Cinema Fund, Film Council
Claire Hynes - BBC Manchester
Eric Knudson - Producer and director of MA course, University of Salford


Shorts and documentaries
The opportunity to view the work of film-makers who have moved up the ladder. Their work is now on the festival circuit, or TV release. Saturday afternoon at LIPA.
Pratap Rughani's 'Playing Model Soldiers', a documentary made for television, this film won an award at the Emmies and is an account of young black men in the army.
George Amponsah's 'One Plus One', a personal account of a film-maker's visit to Ghana, the land of his parents. He and his twin brother come to terms with their past and present by watching the holiday video together.
Gad Kuju's 'African Oye', a documentary about the renowned world music festival that takes place in Liverpool each year.
Karen Palmer's 'Uncovering the Roots', a documentary exploring the origins of reggae music.
Kutjit Chuhan's 'From Punjab to Football', the voices of Punjabi Sikhs from around Manchester's Old Trafford football ground mixed with video and animated graphics.
Vincent Tse's 'Quiet Please', a short situation comedy.

Khyentse Norbu's
'The Cup', a masterly comedy from Bhutan and Australia, showing at LIPA on Saturday night.

Sunday 23rd September

Women In The Director's Chair is a day of screenings, workshops, mentoring and networking - not to be missed. Discuss opportunities and achievements with a panel that represents the directing, writing and producing talent of women in the industry, including:

Troy Titus AdamsTroy Titus Adams - actress/producer, formerly of 'East Enders' and 'Family Affairs' (left).
Tinge Krishnan - writer/director, winner of a 2001 BAFTA award for her first short film.
Rani Moorthy - writer/actress, of 'Cold Feet', 'Holby City', and winner of a BBC 'Laughing Gas' writing award.
Leslee Urdwin - producer of the hilarious comedy with a touch of seriousness `East is East'.
Nicola Topping - casting director for major TV adverts and films.

Our chair for the day is the formidable, sharp, funny and above all stylish Angie Le Mar, one of Britain's top comediennes, of the BBC's 'The Real McCoy' and 'Blouse and Skirt', Channel Four's 'Get up Stand up', and Choice FM's 'The Ladies' Room' (right).

Karen Edmond's 'Last Mango in Dublin'
Karen Palmer's 'Uncovering the Roots'
Janet Brandon's 'Chimney God'
Rani Moorthy's 'Curry Favour'
Jayshree Patel's 'Food of Love'
Ting Krishnan's 'Shadowscan'
Women's Independent Cinema House's 'Jack the Ripper (Liverpool Connection)', 'Double Lives', and 'Singing the Blues'