A selection of shorts from
independent filmmakers.
‘Girl on a Cycle’ Rachel Wang
‘Journey’ Maurice Bessman
‘Incense’ Rani Moorthy
‘Quest To Ref’ Benjamin Watkins
‘Business Unusual’ Greg Reid

In association with Kino Films we are able to bring an excellent selection of films from across the world:
Germany- ‘Staplefahrer Klaus’ by Jorg Wagner & Stafan Prehn
Brazil - ‘Coruja’ by Marcia Derraik & Simplico Neto
India - ‘ Self Portrait’ by K.M.Madhusdhanan
Syria - ‘A Moment Of Joy’ by Walid Hrib
Uruguay - ‘Perro Perdido’ by Arauco Hernandez

As part of the BFI Imagine Asia - ‘The Warrior’, directed by the award winning Asif Kapadia, is a sweeping mythical adventure story about a lone warrior’s spiritual journey. This is the director’s first feature film, and he will be available for a Q & A before and after the screening.

Aboriginal/Australian Film
Straight from the Edinburgh Film Festival
and a premiere screening in Liverpool, a
film not to be missed, the award winning
‘Rabbit Proof Fence’.

Shanghai In The City
‘Warm Water Under a Red Bridge’ directed by the award winning Shohei Imamra.

The award winning ‘Sex & Lucia’
directed by Gulio Meden.

Made on Merseyside
‘Three Business Men’, Another
subversive, comedic film from the renowned
Merseyside & International director Alex Cox.

Black America - ABFF feature film