Blackscreen International Film Festival 2003

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Welcome to the 5th Black Screen International Film Festival the small festival with a BIG IMPACT

We are delighted to be screening the vast majority of our program from FACT and hosting our talent workshops in the new Toxteth TV Building.

Our packed program screens some of the best international films. Each year we theme the festival to include a wide diversity of events and screenings. To celebrate Black History month we are screening a retrospective of Liverpool’s Black Community on Film from the 60s to the 90’s. For the first time in Liverpool we are hosting a Lesbian & Gay film night. In keeping with the current affairs, we are pleased to screen this year’s award winning film ‘Marooned in Iraq’ directed by Bahman Ghobadi.

In association with BAFTA North we present ‘Images of China’ and also welcome to the festival and Liverpool one of China’s noted directors Feng Xiaogang with members of the cast from the film ‘A Sigh’.

At a time when the Northwest's Film industry is booming we have a variety of shorts screening at the ever-popular Newcomers Showcase. The directors of tomorrow are here and now so keep your eyes open for the next Spielberg among these exciting film entries! Fame beckons, and we are here to encourage these fresh-faced egos!

Talking of fame, our notoriety has reached the ears of esteemed directors Alex Cox and Stephen Frears who will be in conversation concerning the merits of film and the British film industry. (An event not to be missed!!!)

Planting the seeds of film for an earlier generation, an array of inspirational films will be on offer as Blackscreen collaborates with the National School’s Film Week.
Our education event offers excellent and world acclaimed films that harmonise with the national curriculum. Films such as ‘Whale Rider’ and ‘Kirikou and the Sorceress’ will be presented as part of a programme that will run over seven days.

Once again we would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support and good judgment from year one. A special thanks must go to the many volunteers without whom the festival would not really happen.

Bea Freeman, Director & Festival Team