Blackscreen International Film Festival 2003

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11th & 12th October (workshops must be booked in advance)

Working with the games industry sponsored by Media Training Northwest
Instead of simply playing computer games why not find out how they are made. This practical hands on day is a must for all inquisitive animators.
(places are limited so must be booked in advance you must have some basic computer knowledge)

The aim of this workshop is to develop your skills in writing for fiction, drama and documentary. It is a practical workshop leading onto a course which will offer you new insight into narrative structure and composition. Work from the course will be given a reading with professional actors.

SO YOU HAVE GOT A FILM IDEA (where to next?)
Guerrilla style filmmaking (Spike Lee started this way as did Tarintino)
Want to make a short movie, get further ahead with your script or don’t know where to start? This workshop leads you through the process from pre-through-to-post production and a look how to make it on a shoe string.