Pidgin helps its clients to develop both themselves and their ideas through workshops and practical experience. It can help with putting ideas into treatments and finding the right commissioner, writer, producer, director, actors or crew to make it. Pidgin is a member of the European Audio Visual Entrepreneurs and regularly attends film festivals, media markets and national and international film events. Pidgin has been on the panel of several high profile conferences staged by Bafta, BBC and Channel 4 dealing with culturally diverse issues.

Bea Freeman on YMPA Panel



Aim Higher Film Premiere Night




Pidgin productions in collaboration with ‘Aim Higher’ embarked on a year long project ‘Champions’. In which a hundred young students from various schools across Merseyside, between the ages of 13 and 15 were involved in the making of 4 films on the subject on ‘Barriers to Higher and Further education’. The young people were engaged in a week long residential film boot camp and twenty weekly workshops. The outcome of the film project was a premier screening evening to Education authorities, parents and other young people. The films were used in the individual schools. Each group was mentored by professional films makers, story board artist, motivators, actors, writers, acting coach, and musicians. Teachers on an internship from the U.S.A were also involved in observations and evaluation each of the projects. The authorship of the films remained with the young people, as they came up with the idea and were involved with the, pre production, production and post production stages. They were further involved as trainee assistants to the professionals in every aspect of the production.


Writing on the Wall

Pidgin Productions produced for these six short films for Writing on the Wall. They were commissioned by the U.K. Film Council under the First Light Scheme. The school groups were assisted by Jimmy McGovern as writer/mentor as well as industry professionals. The films had a debut Premier Screening in Liverpool and were part of the Liverpool Capital of Culture bid.Three of the films were selected and screened at the Chicago International Film Festival and one film; “Escalating” came away with the Judges Award for Best Short Children’s Film. Also the film “Report” went on to win the U.K. Comedy short film award.



"How to Write a Treatment" - Ali Rashid and Real Life Productions presented this masterclass.

"Actors Boot Camp" - From Blackscreen 2001 with Trevor Etionne who has recently starred in Blackhawk Down.

"Producing Your First Feature Film" - In partnership with the Women's Independent Cinema House. With Elliot Grove of Raindance.

"How to do Research" - Rob Rohrer and Halcyon Productions. "Script to Screen" - For women writers with Rani Murthee BBC award winner.

Ali Rashid

Ali Rashid

Trevor Etionne