What is it Worth?


Sergio Bianchi's begs the question: is there any difference between slavery and the continuous exploitation of misery? What is all of this worth?

Drawing comparison between the times of slavery and the pseudo benevolence of some charitable organizations set up to deal with poverty in Brazil What is it Worth? Gets discussion moving!

Black Joy (Dir. Anthony Simmons)

Starring the late Norman Beaton and Floella Benjamin, black Joy is a humorous and thought provoking look at black London life.

In this ironically titled British culture-clash comedy, a Guyanese youth is under the delusion that life will be easier for him in London. But no sooner does he set foot in England then he gets tangled up in one disaster after another.


Proud is a Film which focuses on the meritorious service of the USS Mason (DE-529) of World War II , the first US Navy ship with a predominantly African American crew, and how three of the men were finally honored in January 1994 for their meritorious service. The movie starred veteran actor and activist Ossie Davis .

Almost Brothers

Based on the true life experiences of director Lucia Murat, the film is a tour de force account of the tensions and uneasy relationship between the white middle class and the black slums in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A generation later through their children the cycle repeats itself and their separation deepens….they could have been brothers united by samba music but are separated by Brazil.

JoeBell and America

Based on a short story by Earl Lovelace, the feature length movie, shot on location in Trinidad’s sleepy Lopinot village, is embedded with the traditions, dialects and lifestyles that reflect Trinidadian culture. The movie is as hilarious as it a poignant examination of our cultural heritage and identity, the dreams and aspirations of the people and the prosperity promised by other cultures.