Heritage Lottery 'Back  To the Timepiece' Documentary-DVD  2012 

BBC1 -"Saints for a Day" - A BBC1 fifty minute documentary about beliefs and rituals children's first Holy Communion.

BBC2 - "Love in black and White" - Production of the 50 minute film for BBC 2's 'Windrush' season charting the rise of multiracial Britain.

BBC2 - "Hidden Strengths" A Documentary on Black and Asian women in various professions.

BBC2 Education - "Somali Football Team" A Documentary about a Somali Football Team.

Channel4 / Smoking Dogs Films - "Riot" - Research consultancy for Smoking Dogs films as part of the Channel 4 'Untold' season focusing on the Toxteth riots of 1985.

Channel4 / ZKK - "Riots and Royals" - Channel 4 and ZZK. Perspective on the Liverpool riots in 1985.

Channel4 - "Creamfields" - For Channel 4 and Planetwild Pidgin acted in a consultancy role to clear copyright issues for all the music featured in the programme.

Channel4 - "Goodbye Columbus" - A Channel 4 documentary providing an alternative look at Christopher Columbus on his quincentenary.

YTT - "Greenfingers" - Short 16mm film for YTTT's (Yorkshire Tyne and Tees Television) 'New Voices' season. Selected for screening at the London Short Film Festival 1999.

"Billy No Mates" - Commissioned by the Film Council and First Light. This 10 minute drama produced whilst working with year 7 pupils of a local school.

MTV - 182 Pop Video - MTV commissioned this pop video for new group 182.

Moon2Blaze Entertainment - "Land of Nod" - 10min short film for Cannes 03.


Tate Gallery, Liverpool - "Afro Modern" -  Pidgin Productions provided the archive footage and put together a DVD for the gallery projection walls on Black Music and Clubs, i.e. The Timepiece, Liverpool in the 1970s.

An Actor Prepares -  A period costume drama based on the book by Stanislavski for a training educational showreel produced by Pidgin Productions.

Tribute to Anthony Walker - "Where Did We Go Wrong" - Music DVD with Young KOF. All proceeds from the sale of this DVD goes to the Anthony Walker Foundation.

Film Council / First Light - Pidgin made six 10 min drama productions for this Film Festival

Littlewoods - "Dignity at Work" - This is an equal opportunities training video produced for Littlewoods Plc.

North West Arts Board - "Liverpool Slavery Trail" - Pidgin produced an interactive DVD for use in schools, colleges, museums and within the tourism industry. Funded by Millennium and the North West Arts Board (NWAB).

"South Liverpool Personnel" - A promotional CD was produced for the 30th anniversary of this Liverpool based employment agency.

Liverpool housing Trust - "Changing Face of Granby Street" Commissioned by the Liverpool Housing Trust (LHT) this video charts the changes and transitions of the Granby Street area of Toxteth through history.

"Urban Strawberry Lunch" - A promotional video for this community music based company. See for their website.

Children's Society - "Past present and future" - Commissioned by the Children's Society, Pidgin produced an educational video with the children of Kingsley School (Liverpool) depicting their school and local area.

Merseyside Race Equality Council - "Stephen Lawrence Conference" -
A video for the Merseyside Race Equality Council covering the conference held in 2000. Panel includes the Lawrence family and legal representatives.

Good Year- "All Ladies 4x4 Challenge"
Corporate video produced for Good Year documenting an all women's race challenge.


Radio 4 - "The Beat Goes On" - Radio 4 drama series. Pidgin worked in close conjunction with Radio 4 in a research consultancy capacity for this afternoon drama series.


Producers at Pidgin have also been involved with the following high profile productions:

BBC - "Brothers and Sisters" - A BBC drama series shot in Liverpool focusing on the congregation and clergy of a black Baptist Church.

Channel4 -

"A Place in the Sun" - Channel 4 fly-on-the-wall documentary following three generations of a mixed race family in Liverpool.

"Network East" - 20 x 30 min art magazine programme featuring items from the Indian subcontinent and the UK.

"They Haven't done Nothin'" - 50min documentary on the Toxteth Riots of 1985.

Saints for a Day

Love in Black and White

Hidden Strengths


Billy No Mates

182 Pop Video

Afro Modern Exhibition

An Actor Prepares

A Tribute to Anthony Walker

Liverpool Slavery Trail

Urban Strawberry Lunch

Children's Society

Good Year