Pidgin has helped discover and develop the following talent:

Pidgin / BBC Bursary Awards:

Louise McCally - Overall Winner.

Entered workshop at Blackscreen Festival.
Entered film for award "Mr Smith", and won.
Went on to a media studies course which she will complete this year.
Her writing talents and keen eye for a story was recognised by the BBC who the offered her further assistance.

Other Winners:
Vincent Tse
Laurence Wade

Pidgin / MIDA Black and Asian Bursary Awards:

This award was part of the Blackscreen Film Festival 2001. In order to spread the word to the max, two 'Script to Screen' workshop events were held in Liverpool and Manchester. The Bursary award attracted a large number of applicants. The NWAB / MIDA award was for development and completion aimed at new and emerging Black and Asian filmmakers. The award winners were:

Linda Clarke: Development Award - 'Green Man'

Linda said "I went along to the Blackscreen 'Script to Screen' workshop at BBC Manchester. There was an emphasis on networking, encouraging us to get off our backsides, and do something to represent ourselves and make films. I did just that when i bumped into Nasir Butt at the meeting (another young filmmaker). We got together and applied for the development award, that was successful. We hope to shoot and deliver by Spring 2002"

Aneel Ahmad: Completion Award - "Ek Diwanna - Crazy about Love"

Ek Diwanna - Crazy about Love is a comedy about teenage love. This is a British love story with all the Bollywood trimmings.
Annel said "The award is only a small amount but it will allow us to complete our project"

Marie Wheeler King: Development Award - "Commit"

'Commit' is a documentary that looks at the reasons for high diagnosis of mental illness in the Afro-Caribbean community. Marie was very passionate about this subject, and her graduation film, also focused on black mental health.

Vincent Tse: Completion Award - "Distant Hope"

A modern fairytale about two lost souls. Sarah and Peter depend o each other to find salvation in life and death. Vincent Tse made the film with a small award from the millennium commission. He called in many favours from all communities, and fellow filmmakers to get the project into production.

Other talent discovered:

Rani Murthee - Discovered by Pidgin, Rani was greatly encouraged by the organisation to enter a BBC competition 'Laughing Gas', which she won. An already gifted individual, she received encouragement and the push she needed from Pidgin and is now a highly successful writer. She has worked on many best-loved british programmers such as 'Cold Feet' and 'Coronation Street'.